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Ecological camping in Erquy

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Green Key campsite in Côtes-d’Armor

Concerned about our impact on the environment, we give a central place to the respect of the energy consumption of our ecological camping. This is why we decided to set up an environmental charter, in addition to being awarded the Green Key label. For you, for us and for future generations, we do everything possible to minimize the impact of our activity on the environment.

We raise awareness among our teams and customers

It is thanks to a training course on corporate social responsibility, environmental preservation and sustainable tourism that we have started to implement awareness measures within the campsite:

  • We ask our teams to adopt“Eco gestures” in their daily tasks.
  • Our suppliers are chosen in part according to their degree of involvement with these values
  • We provide our customers with information booklets and a tree on the plants of the campsite in Erquy
  • We offer many alternatives to limit car travel: bike rental, shuttles during the summer, public transport.

Water and energy saving

In order to reduce our water and energy consumption, we have installed :

  • Water savers on taps and showers so as not to deplete the resource
  • A water collector to water the green spaces and thus limit the use of drinking water
  • Presence detectors / timers in common areas to limit energy waste
  • Solar panels for hot water and a contract with a green energy supplier.

Then, it’s a lot of small gestures on a daily basis that make a difference:

  • Every month, we read the water and electricity meters to better manage our consumption
  • We userainwaterto flush our toilets
  • We replace each bulb with an LED or low-energy bulb (already more than 80% of our lighting is equipped with them).

And we continue to do so as we grow our business.

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Well-being of our customers

Consuming better without depriving yourself! You will find in our grocery store many products from our region and directly from the producers.

In the kitchen, our meals are prepared with seasonal and local products while adapting to certain special diets. The menus of our restaurants/snacks offer organic and/or fair trade products.

In terms of maintenance, all our products are eco-labelled for better air quality and fewer health risks. At the ecological campsite, we limit the use of bleach-based products, which are irritating for the respiratory system and toxic for aquatic organisms.

camping vert cotes d armor

And more!

Some additional notable facts:

  • All our green spaces are maintained without pesticides and we use alternative methods to fight weeds
  • We work with battery powered equipment to avoid noise pollution
  • We have partnerships with local recycling centres for the donation of our old equipment/furniture
  • Each year, we commit to new criteria to perfect our approach. If you have any ideas, we’d love to hear them!

Thank you for supporting us in our efforts during your stay!

Zero waste camping in Erquy

Waste management cannot be done without everyone’s involvement. We have already put in place a number of actions to limit and sort waste:

  • The installation of several selective sorting points (all our rentals are equipped with a pre-collection bin)
  • Sorting of all types of waste (including bio-waste for recycling by our chickens and our composter)
  • Hospitality products are only available on request to limit the production of packaging waste
  • The majority of our products are in bulk or in large packaging to avoid unnecessary packaging
  • The implementation ofdisplays to assist our customers in the sorting process, in accordance with local regulations
  • We do not offer disposable dishes and provide reusable eco-cups during the stays.

However, we are still a long way from achieving this ambition, which requires a great deal of involvement and awareness on the part of everyone, from suppliers to holidaymakers.