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Shellfish gathering in Erquy

Make the most of your camping holiday in Erquy to enjoy some shellfish gathering with your family or friends.  Grab your wellies and fishing net and head for the beaches in Erquy for a day of shellfish gathering !

Shellfish gathering enthusiasts can enjoy this activity during spring tides on the many beaches in Erquy.

Spring tides are a great opportunity for shellfish gathering and rock pool fishing.  All over France, shellfish gathering enthusiasts flock to the beaches at spring tide.  Erquy is no exception and at spring tide, the beaches become a hive of activity.  But what exactly are you allowed to pick ?

At low tide you can fill your basket with clams, oysters, winkles, mussels, crabs and other crustaceans.

Once you get back to the campsite, you can enjoy your catch of the day with your family

The best places for shellfish gathering in Erquy

You have a choice of several places to enjoy this activity, a favourite with the children.

  • Pléneuf-Val-André, a great place to enjoy some shellfish gathering
  • Planguenoual, home to several fishing villages
  • Saint Michel islet
  • Etc…

There are plenty of other places to enjoy your favourite seaside activity but we’ll let you discover them by yourselves !

Buckets, spades, fishing nets… the shells and crustaceans had better watch out !

Recommendations : shellfish gathering, a popular family activity, is subject to certain regulations to protect certain animal species.  Don’t forget that you must respect the environment when you take part in this activity.

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